Facets / Veneers

The art of creating a perfect smile!

Pearly white teeth are the wish of every person. A beautiful and healthy smile fills us with confidence, but it is also an important component of overall health. If you have damaged or aesthetically unattractive teeth, or you want to improve your self-confidence and the impression you leave on others, this procedure is made just for you!

Ceramic veneers are the most popular and fastest method of getting a beautiful smile. We can use them to correct the shape and the color of the teeth in the frontal area, which will give your smile a new dimension. With this procedure, it is usually necessary to minimally file down the teeth, and in some cases filing down is not necessary at all.

Ceramic veneers allow you to achieve ideally white, properly laid and straight teeth. But in order for your smile to be identical to those of the biggest stars on film screens, you need to follow the rules and treatment prescribed by our specialist in cosmetic dentistry.

Ceramic veneers are made of e.max ceramics whose thickness is from 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm and they get bind to the front of the tooth to improve the aesthetic appearance, correct the damage, color or position of a tooth.

Due to being thin, white in color and translucent, veneers can perfectly imitate natural teeth.

With regular check-ups, ceramic veneers can be extremely long-lasting, and in some cases longer lasting than dental crowns. 

Regular check-ups are important to remove deposits, which helps to further prolong the life of the veneers.

In the making of ceramic veneers, we use only the best e.max ceramics, for which the patient receives a 5-year warranty.