Dental crowns

To restore the natural appearance and normal function of the teeth!

Do you have a damaged, broken or aesthetically unattractive tooth? Dental crowns are the perfect solution for you! With this prosthetic solution, we will permanently restore the natural appearance of your teeth and allow you to chew normally, using state-of-the-art technology and materials.

What are dental crowns and what are they for?

Dental crowns, also known as tooth covers, are prosthetic solutions that replace part or all of the dental crown. We use them to restore a completely natural appearance to the teeth, as well as functionality of the damaged ones.

Teeth that have had major cavities and endodontically treated teeth usually have major damage after treatment, which is why it is good to protect them with dental crowns. They are permanently fixed on a filed down tooth or dental implant. For aesthetic reasons, crowns are able to reshape teeth that are rotated or inclined.

Dental crowns or dental covers are mostly made by:

  •  When the tooth is so damaged that no filling can be made in it
  •  When the tooth is weakened by caries
  •  Due to endodontic treatment or deterioration of prosthetic appliances

Duration of dental crowns is individual and varies from patient to patient. It depends on several things, such as the quality of the material and the properly prepared bite, the experience and dexterity of the dentist who makes them, as well as on regular check-ups. Proper and regular oral hygiene affects the longer life of dental crowns, as well as the overall health of the oral cavity.

At Čolić Dental Clinic, we use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology to make crowns. It enables us to produce all types of dental crowns that are completely adapted to the anatomy, shape and aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

Dental crowns (tooth covers)

For whom are dental crowns the best solution?

Dental crowns are ideal for patients who:

  • have broken, weakened tooth, a tooth with lost function or aesthetics
  • need to have their damaged tooth additionally protected and strengthened after treatment of its root canals (endodontic treatment) in order to prevent potential additional damage

Tooth crowns are often also installed with patients whose teeth are too damaged to put the filling, as well as with patients who want to aesthetically correct an uneven or inclined tooth.


Types of dental crowns

All Zirconium Crowns

All zirconium crown is a type of dental crown that is made of zirconia ceramics. This material represents the highpoint of dentistry because it provides exceptional strength and biocompatibility and it perfectly adapts to natural teeth. It does not cause allergic reactions, and it has been shown that it accumulates the smallest number of bacteria.

Unlike ceramic crowns, zirconium crowns have a base made of zirconia, while the surface, i.e. the outer layer is made of ceramics. Zirconium crowns are the most natural solution when it comes to transparency and tooth color, which makes them an excellent choice for front teeth due to their high aesthetics. And thanks to its high strength, zirconium ceramics are often also used to compensate for lateral teeth.

Metal ceramic crown

Metal ceramic crowns are one of the standard solutions for reconstructing the function and aesthetics of damaged teeth. They are made of combination of metal alloy and ceramic, which mainly covers the entire crown of the tooth. They are ideal for the teeth of the lateral region due to their strength and stability, but they are also often used for the front teeth.

The metal ceramic crown has a base made of cobalt-chromium alloy, while its surface layer, i.e. the crown itself, is made of ceramics. The main advantage of metal ceramic crowns lies precisely in their metal base, which gives it exceptional strength and stability. That’s why they are ideally used for lateral teeth. A metal ceramic crown will also very successfully imitate the look of your natural tooth and allow you to have a beautiful, radiant smile.

All ceramic crown

Ceramic crowns are the most common type of crowns we make, precisely because they represent the ultimate dental solution in terms of aesthetics and functionality. In addition to completely imitating the look and properties of natural teeth, they are pleasant, biocompatible (do not harm the organism), solid and durable.

All ceramic crown, as the name suggests, is made entirely of ceramics, including the base and surface. This is why it has an exceptional ability to reject and transmit the light, which allows a complete imitation of a natural tooth appearance. Due to their exceptional aesthetic characteristics, ceramic crowns are most often used as a replacement for the front teeth, but they are also an ideal solution for all other teeth.

Advantages of placing crowns in Čolić Dental Clinic