Dental Tourism

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Dentalni Turizam Ordinacija Čolić

Our clinic specializes in providing dental tourism services, and many of our procedures are specially tailored to patients coming from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia.

The prices of our services are twice as favorable in Serbia compared to services in Croatia. Additionally, the prices in our clinic are up to 5 times more favorable compared to European countries such as Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, from where most of our patients commonly come.

By offering its experts in the field of dental medicine, Serbia has become a country that is becoming more and more in demand when it comes to dental tourism.

Čolić Dental Clinic has a large number of patients from Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Every day we have more and more patients from Slovenia, England, Norway and even from far away Australia. Welcome to our beautiful Belgrade!

What about the quality?

What does your stay in Belgrade look like during the procedure?

We organize transportation from the airport to the hotel. Čolić Clinic collaborates with a hotel located near the clinic. The hotel staff will assist you with everything you need, such as directions to the clinic or the city, and they can also arrange taxi services as needed.

The Čolić Clinic team is at your service 24/7 for anything you may need. We communicate through the WhatsApp application and are always available. When you receive temporary crowns, you can speak and eat normally, so you can explore Belgrade until you receive your permanent crowns a few days later.

Za pacijente iz Hrvatske imamo osiguranu ordinaciju za prvi pregled u Zagrebu.

What do our patients say?

Our clinic offers you a fantastic opportunity to experience the rich culture and attractions of Belgrade during
your stay with us. Belgrade is a vibrant city day and night, with a rich history, a lively atmosphere, and a diverse cultural scene. While you focus on your dental treatments, our team will ensure you feel welcome and make the most of everything Belgrade has to offer.

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