A healthy smile for healthy teeth!

If you have an irregular bite or teeth that are not in the correct position, orthodontics provides treatments that will help you. At Čolić Dental Clinic, we offer complete orthodontic treatment, after which you will be able to chew more easily, and your teeth will look flatter, more beautiful and natural.

What is orthodontics and what do you solve with it?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with correcting the incorrect position of teeth and jaws. The goal of orthodontics is not only to aesthetically solve problems, but also to solve painful conditions and disorders of the chewing system. As it is available to everyone today, orthodontic treatment is not a luxury, but a need that should not be ignored.

Orthodontic treatment is usually carried out during adolescence, but it is possible at any age. If you care about the beauty of your teeth and smile, wearing metal braces on your teeth is probably not desirable. Nevertheless, it is crucial to accept the recommendations of orthodontics specialists in order to permanently solve problems with your teeth, despite a short-term aesthetic defect.

Progress in the development of orthodontics has resulted in modern orthodontic brackets and braces that meet high aesthetic criteria and are completely imperceptible to wear.

Choosing the type of brackets also depends on the nature of the anomaly. Certainly, most patients have the same wishes – the most imperceptible braces and the fastest possible treatment, which is why we always try to recommend the best orthodontic solution for everyone.

Who needs orthodontic treatment?

The largest number of orthodontic patients are adolescents who have crooked teeth or whose teeth are not in the right place. Orthodontics is also for all patients who are dissatisfied with their aesthetics and with the impact on the health of the oral cavity. Candidates for permanent orthodontic treatment are persons over 13 years of age, while candidates for mobile orthodontic appliances may also be persons under 13 years of age.

Types of orthodontic treatments and appliances

Fixed braces (permanent orthodontics)

Fixed dental “braces” today are the main therapeutic device in orthodontics, and they consist of brackets and an archwire that connects the brackets. Brackets are elements that are attached to the teeth, and on their surface they have a slot that is designed to accommodate the wire.

Due to its elastic properties, the archwire placed in the bracket slot produces an orthodontic force which causes teeth to move. The amount of force depends on the properties of the wire (material, thickness, shape), while the direction of force is determined by the shape and construction of the brackets. Usually brackets and archwires are placed on the outer surfaces of the teeth and the use of “white” brackets allows minimal noticeability and better aesthetics.

The oldest generation of brackets is made of metal, but more recently ceramic, composite “white”, sapphire or combined metal ceramic brackets are used. They are adapted to the color of teeth and are used in patients with high aesthetic requirements.

Removable braces (mobile orthodontics)

Removable braces used to be the main therapeutic device in orthodontics, today they are mainly used for retention, and in mixed dentition (8-9 years of age).

Removable dental “braces” consist of an acrylic base and wires bent in different shapes. The acrylic base resembles the base of a mobile denture and has wires coming out of it and encompassing teeth when placed in the mouth. The wires form a whole with the base, and the base often has a kind of screw that allows it to expand and create an orthodontic force.

Different base and screw structures achieve a corresponding effect on the teeth. You can remove and place removable braces or dentures yourself, and orthodontic forces work as long as you carry them in your mouth.

Retention (retainer)

Retention is a very important procedure that aims to preserve the results of orthodontic treatment. After removing the fixed orthodontic appliance, the retention keeps the teeth in the desired position achieved by the orthodontic treatment, and the retainer is the name for the orthodontic device that is used to accomplish that.

We distinguish permanent and removable retainers, which are made almost after every orthodontic treatment. The permanent retainer is made of archwire and it is glued to the teeth, which means it stays permanently in the mouth. The removable support is a splint made of transparent plastic material and can be removed and placed.

Transparent braces for both jaws (clear aligner)

Clear aligner is a completely transparent braces, without wires and brackets. It consists of transparent splints, which we make in our own dental laboratory according to the precise prints of your jaw, using CAD/CAM technology.

This type of braces is an excellent choice for straightening teeth in the upper, lower or both jaws. It works discreetly, gently and safely, quickly giving you straight teeth, without distractions when chewing and discomfort when laughing.

Clear aligner treatment lasts longer than conventional mobile devices (3 – 15 months), its main advantage is invisibility and discretion when wearing it.